Bar Benders Club

Our Story

Before our launch in early 2021, our interest in pre-workouts began as a family when my boys began their workout journey. I wasn’t comfortable with the ingredients in some of the supplements they started using. So, we experimented (via research) by mixing our own ingredients with raw powder until we realized we could craft our own supplement with a manufacturer. Our first “launch” (Peach Mango Tang) was initially for ourselves and friends who shared our hobby. Positive feedback from this initial run led us to consider starting our own supplement company. Now, under our company, Bar Benders Club, we've expanded to include two new flavors, Aloha Punch and Arctic Express, as part of our “Freight Train” supplement line. We have future plans to launch post-workout formulas as well as weight-lifting accessories.

We are a family-owned and operated company, with each member playing a role in our development.

The research I performed for each ingredient was via access to major research databases. My background was cancer research for a pharma company in NJ and I currently teach pharmacology, both of these experiences have been useful in developing the foundation for our company and for the current and future products.
- Kevin Perrino, CEO and Co-Founder Bar Benders Club

Giving Back
We also set up this company as a way to give back to the community. One dollar of every item purchased goes to the Hawai’i Food Bank (Feeding America). We also sponsor local powerlifters in our State with the hope we can help foster their careers.

Our Pre-Workout Formula.
Freight Train Pre-workout by Bar Benders Club. This formula was built to maintain a balance between energy, focus, and pump while still containing an efficacious amount of each ingredient. It is a formula designed to deliver precisely what you need to achieve a highly effective workout without overwhelming your system with too many ingredients or skimping on essential dosages. Each ingredient is dosed based on how a healthy individual’s body absorbs the material. The formula ingredients are dosed to levels that allow each ingredient to perform its function without interfering with each other.

Giving you the power, strength, and stamina to move forward like an unstoppable force, just like its namesake. Freight Train™

Thank you for visiting our site and trying our products. Many have already given it the green light.  Please drop us a line if you have any questions. Be sure to check out our research blogs. Thank you for letting us turn your passion into progress!  

Bar Benders Club Family